RE: [OPE] Productive labour and capital redistribution

Date: Sat Jun 13 2009 - 06:02:33 EDT

 "Only in capitalist society can you have this perversion that you can be
> doing the same activity (in this case, teaching the same subjects) which is
> counted as productive in one place and unproductive in another depending
> (largely) on whether you are employed by a capitalist firm or the state."
> But really you know, once you stop being schematic, you realize you can have
> those perversions in any state.
Note that I wrote "this" perversion, not "those perversions". You can't have
this specific perversion without capitalist firms.
> Marxist teachers teach their students that workers are exploited by the
> nasty capitalists who extract surplus from them and accumulate capital from
> this, until they are liberated by the Marxists.
You should have been a cartoonist. You love to caricature others.
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