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Date: Fri Jun 12 2009 - 14:28:28 EDT

> It is also, I believe, relatively difficult more difficult for marxian economists
> to get faculty positions in the west than it is for neo-classical ones.
Yes, of course, Paul C. To believe that university departments in capitalist nations
are "neutral" with respect to the theoretical and political perspective of candidates
is the height of folly. There is, for instance, systematic discrimination against
heterodox economists in all but a handful of colleges. You can for the most part
be a "socialist", though, _provided_ you are a neo-neo-classical economist. The
neo-neo-classical economists who dominate most departments don't consider heterodox
economists, especially Marxian economists, to be "real" economists. In my case -
at Pratt Institute (which Alejandro inquired about) and at another college where I
teach, I am part of a social science department and the dynamics of such an
inter-disciplinary department are often different.
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