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Is self-deprecation killing Jewish comedy?

By Benjamin Ivry, The Forward

In "Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious" (1905), Sigmund Freud
observes that a strict superego - or the conscience that punishes
misbehavior - results in a correspondingly aggressive jest. As we all have
found, whether at school or in the workplace, the harshest superego
suppresses laughs entirely. In practical comedic terms, jokes get meaner and
meaner until they stop being funny altogether. As the new Woody Allen film
"Whatever Works," starring Larry David, opens, and the promotional campaign
begins for Sacha Baron Cohen's forthcoming "Bruno," scheduled for release
July 10, these concepts are timelier than ever.

Take an eye for an eye
and a life for a life
and somebody must die
for the death of my wife
yes I did what I did for Maria
I did what I did for Maria.

- Tony Christie, I did what I did for Maria

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