Re: [OPE] One party state?

From: Paul Bullock <>
Date: Thu Jun 11 2009 - 10:25:12 EDT

So why don't they call themselves 'leninists'?

Why the particular 'branding'.. 'Trotskyist'? in today's context ( ie Stalin
died 56 years ago and Trotsky a bit longer)

Its all becoming rather anachronistic.



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> Hi Paul B:
> What I meant, which I thought was clear (but evidently not) from the
> section of your post I was responding to, is that I'm surprised that
> you don't see why some others continue to identify with Trotskyism.

>> As for the caracature 'Stalinism'.. etc..
>> I simply don't use these labels, and don't really understand
>> what people mean by them... its a sort of expletive for many.
>> Other than that I usually give up wondering at discussions that use
>> such terms.That is why I ask 'why use Trotskist' today.?.
>> I can only see that those who use the term as a label are
>> VERY keen to distance themselves from Lenin. That's about all.
> If you don't see why some identify with Stalinism or Trotskyism,
> I gather you also don't see why others identify with Leninism???
> Used in certain ways by some, all three could be considered by some to
> be pejoratives; used in another way, they have more specific meaning(s).
> E.g. when Trotskyists use the term Stalinism, they are referring to
> something which has a specific meaning to them - it's not merely an
> expletive for them.
> As for the claim that Trotskyists use that label to distance
> themselves from Lenin, nothing could be further from the truth, imo.
> Indeed, Trotskyists are, in general, extremely uncritical of Lenin
> and Leninism. Trotskyists consider themselves to _be_ Leninists.
> Obviously, though, they understand Leninism in a different way than
> you, though.
> In solidarity, Jerry_______________________________________________
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