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Date: Thu Jun 11 2009 - 09:07:44 EDT

Hi Paul B:
What I meant, which I thought was clear (but evidently not) from the
section of your post I was responding to, is that I'm surprised that
you don't see why some others continue to identify with Trotskyism.

> As for the caracature 'Stalinism'.. etc..
> I simply don't use these labels, and don't really understand
> what people mean by them... its a sort of expletive for many.
> Other than that I usually give up wondering at discussions that use
> such terms.That is why I ask 'why use Trotskist' today.?.
> I can only see that those who use the term as a label are
> VERY keen to distance themselves from Lenin. That's about all.

If you don't see why some identify with Stalinism or Trotskyism,
I gather you also don't see why others identify with Leninism???
Used in certain ways by some, all three could be considered by some to
be pejoratives; used in another way, they have more specific meaning(s).
E.g. when Trotskyists use the term Stalinism, they are referring to
something which has a specific meaning to them - it's not merely an
expletive for them.
As for the claim that Trotskyists use that label to distance
themselves from Lenin, nothing could be further from the truth, imo.
Indeed, Trotskyists are, in general, extremely uncritical of Lenin
and Leninism. Trotskyists consider themselves to _be_ Leninists.
Obviously, though, they understand Leninism in a different way than
you, though.
In solidarity, Jerry_______________________________________________
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