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From: Paul Cockshott <>
Date: Thu Jun 11 2009 - 05:18:59 EDT

I know that Marx discusses forced circulation, but the thrust of his
argument is that money is a commodity, and that its value arises from
the same mechanism as the value of other commodities.
Whilst there are instances where this is true they are by no means the
generality, and are indeed the exception in economies with a well
developed commodification. The use of gold or silver coinage as the
standard form of money in his presentation reflects a rather mediaeval
to 19th century European view - a situation where Europe was divided
among weak states with poor tax raising powers and a relatively high
proportion of commodity production being for inter state exchange. When
either the tax raising power of the state is stronger, or you get
unified continental or subcontinental states ( USA, China, Babylon,
Rome, modern Europe) then the necessity for a commodity base vanishes,
and money becomes a pure technology of record of social credit.
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