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> the modern Trotskyists [...]
> In general they
> are radical petty bourgeoise socialists who draw the line at actually
> confronting their domestic imperialism (its ok to attack other imperialisms,
> indeed the further away from home the more radical they will sound -
Hi Paul B:
I suppose this might be the case for some isolated and miniscule Trotskyist
sect given the highly fragmented character of Trotskyist organizations
(although I can think of no actual example), but I can think of no significant
Trotskyist group - or, for that matter, Trotskyist - that it holds true for.
Whatever other criticism I might make of them (which would be as pretty long
list), for instance, none of the Trotskyist groups in the US supported the
invasion of Iraq. None of the Trotskyist groups in the UK supported a British
military presence in Iraq, did they? What _concrete recent_ examples can you
give for the claim that Trotskyists refuse to confront domestic imperialism?

> although their attacks on Chavez or Cuba are solid instances of this role.)
> as such.
There has historically been a lot of division among Trotskyists (e.g. between
groups affiliated with the United Secretariat vs. the International Committee)
over Cuba - indeed, there was a split in international Trotskyism over Cuba.
As for Chavez, many Trotskyist groups have been supportive - often uncritically
so. Indeed, some (non-Venezuelan) Trotskyists have been influential on Chavez.
How do you think it came to pass that Chavez was quoted as saying:
"What is the problem? I am also a Trotskyist. I follow Trotsky's line, that of
permanent revolution"?
Now ... I don't actually believe for a moment that he is a Trotskyist (or
a Leninist or that he really understands Trotskyism), but it certainly shows
that some Trotskyists - precisely because they supported the Bolivarian
revolution in Venezuela - have a certain influence on Chavez.
You can be sure that Chavez gave no similar endorsements to Stalinism - since,
had he done so, Alejandro A would have been quick to tell us all about it.
I think that Chavez's political perspective is in flux - although he does seem
to have the ability to tell different groups on the Left what they want to
In solidarity, Jerry
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