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Subject: New book from Brill now out: Following Marx

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Following Marx: Method, Critique and Crisis

Michael A. Lebowitz

Publication year: 2009




Historical Materialism Book Series, 20

Table of contents

Introduction: To
Follow Marx

Part I: Critiques of Political Economy

1. The Fallacy of Everyday Notions

2. Another
Crisis of Economic Theory: the Neo-Ricardian Critique

3. The
Neo-Ricardian Reduction

4. Is 'Analytical Marxism' Marxism?

Appendix: Roemer's Self-criticism

Part II:
The Logic of Capital

5. Following Hegel: the Science of

6. Explorations in the Logic of Capital

Part III: Essays in the Theory of Crisis

7. Marx's
Falling Rate of Profit: A Dialectical View

8. The General and
the Specific in Marx's Theory of Crisis

9. Paul M. Sweezy.

Appendix: Learning from Paul Sweezy

Part IV:
Essence and Appearance

10. Marx's Methodological Project

11. What is Competition?

12. Too Many Blindspots
About the Media

13. The Theoretical Status of Monopoly Capital

14. Analytical Marxism and the Marxian Theory of Crisis

15. In Brenner, Everything is Reversed

Part V:
Considering the Other Side of Capital

16. The Silences
of Capital

17. Beyond the Capital of Uno-ism

Situating the Capitalist State

19. The Politics of Assumption,
the Assumption of Politics

What does it mean to
follow Marx? In this examination of Marx's

combined with specific applications on topics in political

economy such as neo-Ricardian theory, analytical Marxism, the falling

rate of profit, crisis theory, monopoly capital, Paul Sweezy,

advertising and the capitalist state, this volume argues that

failure to understand (or explicit rejection of) Marx's
method has led

astray many who consider themselves Marxists.
By focusing particularly

upon the concept of a totality and
the necessary form of appearance of

capital as many capitals
in competition,Following Marx both demonstrates

why Marx
insisted that 'in competition everything is reversed' and

provides a guide for following Marx.

Michael A. Lebowitz 
Professor Emeritus 
Economics Department 
Simon Fraser University 
Burnaby, B.C., Canada V5A 1S6 
Director, Programme in
'Transformative Practice and Human Development' 
Internacional Miranda, P.H. 
Residencias Anauco Suites, Parque
Central, final Av. Bolivar 
Caracas, Venezuela 
0212 5768274/0212 5777231 
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