Re: [OPE] Science and scientology

From: Paul <>
Date: Sun Jun 07 2009 - 18:41:00 EDT

> You are right. But what Darwin thought is no longer crucial for the
> progress of the Darwinian research program. A new researcher can enter
> and contribute to it without ever having read Darwin or Huxley in the
> original.
 I have just been reading Darwin's 'The expression of the emotions' and
I am amazed at how 'Lamarkian' it is.
It has quite a sophisticated theory of reflexes and of what we would now
call conditioned reflexes ( he calls them habitual reflexes). But what
is striking is that he asserts that reflex actions were all originally
voluntary, then became habitual and as such were then fixed by
inheritance. Looks very like the inheritance of acquired characteristics
which standard presentations of Darwin having him rejecting.
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