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Date: Sun Jun 07 2009 - 10:53:44 EDT

I totally share Jerry's view. There is little point in continuing the
discussion without understanding class interests. Democracy is simply a
bourgeois concept in Alejandro's hands - it stands for the status quo - the
rule of the imperialists, the oppressors over the oppressed.

David Yaffe

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> > The problem Jerry is that you are an apologist of left wing dictators.
>The problem is that you don't recognize what a dictatorship is and isn't.
>What you consistently refuse to do is introduce *class* into the analysis
>of the meaning of democracy and dictatorship. Because you don't employ
>class analysis, you are trapped in a narrow BOURGEOIS understanding of
>the meaning of democracy - you fail to grasp the meaning of BOURGEOIS
>DEMOCRACY. The many millions of people who don't share the US- and
>Euro-Centric liberal capitalist interpretation of democracy and the goals
>of international imperialism understand that that *any* government which
>is in favor in practice of self-determination and governance and control
>of the economy by working people will be denounced by imperialism and
>its defenders as being dictatorships. The question isn't who is or isn't
>an apologist for "left wing dictators"; the question is who is an apologist
>for capital and imperialism.
>In solidarity, Jerry_______________________________________________
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