RE: [OPE] One party state?

Date: Sun Jun 07 2009 - 10:20:28 EDT

> The problem Jerry is that you are an apologist of left wing dictators.
The problem is that you don't recognize what a dictatorship is and isn't.
What you consistently refuse to do is introduce *class* into the analysis
of the meaning of democracy and dictatorship. Because you don't employ
class analysis, you are trapped in a narrow BOURGEOIS understanding of
the meaning of democracy - you fail to grasp the meaning of BOURGEOIS
DEMOCRACY. The many millions of people who don't share the US- and
Euro-Centric liberal capitalist interpretation of democracy and the goals
of international imperialism understand that that *any* government which
is in favor in practice of self-determination and governance and control
of the economy by working people will be denounced by imperialism and
its defenders as being dictatorships. The question isn't who is or isn't
an apologist for "left wing dictators"; the question is who is an apologist
for capital and imperialism.
In solidarity, Jerry_______________________________________________
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