RE: [OPE] Science and scientology

Date: Thu Jun 04 2009 - 08:30:41 EDT

> I should be more precise by "going back". There is certainly nothing wrong in going back to foundational
> texts in order to consider the original questions raised. That may indeed be necessary at certain points
> in the development of the research program. The problem is if no developments can be made beyond the
> foundational texts without constantly finding justifications in them.

Hi Dave:
What is important, also, is to always keep the *real subject* in focus.
The real subject of physics is the study of matter and its motion
through space and time, not Einstein hermeneutics. If you
want, for example, to understand the contemporary economic crisis, you
need to keep the focus on the real subject (contemporary capitalism).
If you analyze any question with reference to foundational texts, then
it seems to me that you run the risk of introducing a non (and anti-)
-scientific *bias* into one's analysis.
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