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Date: Wed Jun 03 2009 - 15:52:00 EDT

> I don't really think though, Jerry, that if they had had a better warning or
> tracking system, that it would have made any difference to the survival
> chances of those aboard,
Hi Jurriaan:
Well, we don't know a lot of the details as to what happened. My point, though,
was rather simple: if safety was a primary design parameter to begin with, then
all of the planes would have been outfitted with beacons which continuously
transmit GPS coordinates. This would have saved a lot of effort locating the
disaster site - whether there were or were not survivors. Safety has to be
designed into workplaces, public spaces, and products - it won't happen by
itself. With certain types of technologies - given the possible deadly consequences
of 'accidents' - designers should operate under the principle of Murphy's Law
and plan accordingly.
In solidarity, Jerry_______________________________________________
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