RE: [OPE] science and scientology

Date: Thu May 28 2009 - 17:23:03 EDT

>> 1. Pose a contemporary scientific question.
>> 2. Look at the writings of a leading but deceased authority in the field
>> to see
>> what s/he had to say about a possibly related question.
>> 3. Determine whether the answers offered by the leading but dead authority
>> can be used whole or modified to answer the contemporary scientific
>> question.
> Would evolution and Darwin fit the bill?

Hi Paula:
I'm sure there's someone else on the list with more knowledge
than myself about accepted ways of scholarship and investigation
by contemporary evolutionary biologists and paleontologists, but
- no - I don't think it would fit the bill. E.g. in contemporary
debates among scholars about "Ida" that's not the way in which
answers are being sought.
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