Re: [OPE] The English sub-titling of 'Capital'?

From: Anders Ekeland <>
Date: Wed May 27 2009 - 09:42:39 EDT

Dave Z:
>2. Realize it is a non-problem for real
>capitalist economies, because the premise of the
>theory of prices of production is wrong.
>Sufficient theoretical arguments were given in
>Farjoun and Machover's book, and a lot of
>empirical evidence for the non-problem has been produced since 1983.

I am familiar with the F&M arguments, but not the
empirical evidence, could you give some hints/refs?

BTW - I agree that this is a problem for Marxist
economist - but since they are the "Träger" of
the Marxian heritage - as long as they do not
agree, the diffusion of Marxist economics to
broader layers of economists/social
scientist/political activists will be slow.

My impression is that we are slowly progressing -
i.e. getting rid of the static equilibrium straight jacket.

-- Anders

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