Re: [OPE] The English sub-titling of 'Capital'?

From: Dave Zachariah <>
Date: Wed May 27 2009 - 09:23:24 EDT

2009/5/27 Anders Ekeland <>

> Paul C:
> There is too much style and too little in the way of facts here.
>> The factual evidence for a trasformation problem existing is very weak.
> The transformation problem exists when there is so little consensus among
> Marxist economists

Hypothetically, if the problem were solved but there is little consensus it
may be a problem of "Marxist economists" rather than a problem of

More seriously though, I think essentially there are two ways to deal with
the problem of transforming labour-values into prices of production under
certain conservation constraints.

1. Redefine labour-values. E.g. Ian Wright defined 'non-standard'
labour-values which, surprisingly turn out to be proportional to prices of
production in a deterministic framework.

2. Realize it is a non-problem for real capitalist economies, because the
premise of the theory of prices of production is wrong. Sufficient
theoretical arguments were given in Farjoun and Machover's book, and a lot
of empirical evidence for the non-problem has been produced since 1983.

//Dave Z

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