RE: [OPE] The English sub-titling of 'Capital'?

From: Paul Zarembka <>
Date: Tue May 26 2009 - 15:24:15 EDT

Another major issue in marxist economics, Anders, regards the role, or lack thereof, of Hegel. Progressive German editions of Vol. 1 reflect
a reduced role of Hegelian language, and the French edition, the most so. Thus, a simpler titling may be reflective of Marx's decreasing
interest in Hegelian thought as being important for understanding the capitalist mode of production. Such a trend downward can be claimed to
start for Marx in the 1840s, but never fully completed (which is a reason we still discuss the significance of Hegel).

In any case, I think Jerry makes a good point in asking us to think about any other major scientific advance defined significantly by
a 'critique' - in this case, of classical political economy. I could ask whether 'critiquing' (which is, in fact, thinking about thinking)
is not a form of idealism.

Paul Z.

> But on any major issues "haunting" Marxist economics
> (transformation problem, productive and unproductive labour, commodity vs. fiat money
> etc.) - the editions are equal, the solution to the problem must be
> sought in creative reflection/confrontation on various theories -
> and not the least - the stylized facts of economic reality.
> Just my 2 cents
> Anders E
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