RE: [OPE] The English sub-titling of 'Capital'?

From: Paul Zarembka <>
Date: Tue May 26 2009 - 09:26:48 EDT

Cannot the titling of the English edition be attributed simply to a
simplification, as reflected by Marx himself in his French edition. Chris
noted the titling of the French edition, but, Jerry, you do not seem to
have considered the implication.

The French titling is not the same simplification as the English - and we
should perhaps discuss that - but my point is that we can lighten up on
Aveling, Moore, and Engels if we recall that the last edition of Capital
for which Marx himself had a more role was the French edition.

For myself, I think Chris didn't need to bring in the issue of value form,
particularly since he recalled for us the French titling.

Paul Z.

--On 5/26/2009 12:20 PM +0100 GERALD LEVY wrote:

> a sub-title which indicates that a work is a critique political
> economy (economics) is surely not the same as the modified title.
> [Perhaps Engels thought that there was too much emphasis in the title
> on political economy?]. It's hard, probably impossible, to know
> what they were thinking about when this change was made.

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