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Hi Jurriaan,

the division of the working day is a division between necessary and surplus labor time; the same for the division between the realm of necessity and the realm of freedom in the Trinity Forumula chapter. Of course there must be provision for what is socially necessary and what necessity demands depends on the configurations of production. The point you quote is from the Grundrisse passages I cited,
howard engelskirchen
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  Howard wrote:

  "Surplus labor is disposable time".

  What evidence is there for this idea? At least in Marx's theory, I think this is not true. At the simplest level, the surplus labor is required to sustain:

  (1) the consumption needs of the propertied classes who do not work,
  (2) the reinvestment of capital,
  (3) requirements necessitated by population growth, the security and safety of persons and property, and the formation of reserves.

  Unfortunately few authors have proved able to genuinely theorise the categories of surplus value, surplus product, surplus labor and so on, because these categories were accepted as self-evident.


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