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- I use Opera

- I do not at all blame Tamerlan - great job - very interesting

And maybe there was no drop in profits - maybe the Norwegian
bourgeoisie just used the crisis to create unemployment to discipline
the workers. Given our oil-economy a high oil price is bad news for
most of the world and good news for us. The steady demand and high
profit rate from the oil (and gass) extraction literally oils the economy.

I really like this type of programs. Having just looked at Marxist
crisis theory it seems clear to me that we really need to go into
simulation to study the effects over time of accumulation, technical
change, wages, profits - all these tendencies (including the
so-called counter tendencies). Seems to me that a lot of the classic
literature (Marx, Luxemburg, Grossman, Bauer, Hilferding, Mandel,
Mattick) although containing a lot of very sharp and valuable
insights struggles with the basic mathematical fact that a small set
of deterministic equations can create at never repeating trajectory,
especially since technological change is truly and deeply endogenous,
you basically have a non-equilibrium growth trajectory punctuated by
major and minor crises/unbalances.

Is there anyone out there that have modeled/simulated capitalist
crises, especially the dynamic cheapening of constant capital and wages?

Anders Ekeland

At 00:02 15.05.2009, you wrote:
>I originally appealed to David and Allin to supply ope-l with a
>copy of their papers that has the model has tested.
>If the profit rate for norway in 1992 shows no blip, then the Penn
>World table is likely to be to blame not Tamerlan.
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>works for me too, but it does not catch the crisis of 1992-1994,
>highest unempl. since the WWII in Norway.
>Looks nice, but in the references section there should have been a
>description of the model, ideas behind it, how they were implemented
>etc. so one could understand the logic behind the results.
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> >works for me ...
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