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Ok, Prof. Bapuji, I will drop the subject of Prof. Chattopadhjay and Prof.
Bettelheim for now.We have not begged your Highness to drop the subject. If you derive pleasure of satisfying your arrogance, you can continue till the moderator or editorial committee asks you to drop.Anyway the paper I wrote on this in the mid-1980s got lost.
Doesn't matter. We can imagine the level and nature of your analysis based on your present demagogy.I understand now, that Prof. Chattopadhjay and Prof. Bettelheim are still very
much guru's in parts of India.Don't worry. The majority of the 'communists' here are highly bureaucratised and they do not allow such analyses as those of Bettelheim or Chattopadhyay. May your soul rest in peace. But who is "we"? It seems you have closed your eyes to the first [protest]mail which was signed by Ranganayakamma, a member of this list and me.Is this a Brahmin
way of talking, Oh, this means you know not only about the 'orthodoxy' of Bettelheim et al but also the ins and outs of 'varna' system in India. Tell your guru who taught you the sociolinguistic behaviour of Brahmins, that he taught you wrong the royal "we" in English?We are not aware that this list allows fellows like us who use 'royal we'. Or are you talking
about your family, your friends, your party, your country, your state etc.?
Long Live Your international proletarianism!


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