RE: [OPE] Misunderstanding value (reply)

Date: Fri May 08 2009 - 07:53:09 EDT

> The dispute about Marx gets fired
> up, because Marxists who claim absolute orthodoxy in fact misrepresent
> Marx's real idea - which is easy to do, not only because Marx's is a complex
> thinker, but also because a large chunk of his writings concerns stuff that he
> didn't even publish. What irritates me that that the misrepresentations are
> presented as the true, super-radical viewpoint, when in fact it turns out they
> embrace the most pedestrian nonsense of bourgeois economics.


But, your favorite subjects for criticism recently - value-form theorists,
autonomists, and Althusserians - do NOT claim "absolute orthodoxy" so there's
no reason for you to be so "fired up".

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