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Date: Tue May 05 2009 - 18:03:52 EDT

> Please cite sources here. When was this said, by which authors in the USSR?
Hi Paul C:
Well, for a start there's Stalin's _Economic Problems of the USSR_.
> Why is there exchange?
There's exchange because there's a division of labor.

> Yes and the result of keeping prices below values was that in Poland
> the shops were empty when I visited there in the mid 80s. This was
> unlike the situation in CSSR at the same time or in Bulgaria.
Had the Polish government wanted to they could have increased the
supply of food even at prices below market value.

>> Building a socialist society isn't about using a theory of value
>> for allegedly progressive purposes; it's about workers' control of
>> decision-making and society on all levels.
> Yes, but how do you calculate?
Any way that working people decide to. Economic calculation under
socialism is often (miss-)conceived as an attempt to find an optimal
allocation of resources. Socialism, though, is more about "learning
by doing" than establishing precise mathematical formulas.
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