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This is just not the issue.

You must develop forms of economic and social calculation appropriate to the
socialist project.

Abolishing value means targeting for transformation the social relations
that generate the exchange of commodities, and this over a relatively long
historical period. This is something the USSR never much tried for
historical and less defensible reasons. That is why it is so important to
identify with clarity what the social relations are that account for the
existence of the product of labor as a commodity and a bearer of value.
Otherwise the law of value continues to operate behind the back of producers
and we become aware of the law of gravity when the house falls around our


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> GERALD LEVY wrote:
>> Only those who wish to apply the concept of value to socialism will,
>> possibly, find comfort in your formulations.
> If one follows the slogan to "abolish value", an advocate of a socialist
> economy faces a general economic problem: How to measure the cost of good
> and services and how to allocate social labour with some degree of
> efficiency?
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