Re: [OPE] Midnight Notes, "Promissory Notes"

From: Gerald Levy <>
Date: Sun Apr 26 2009 - 20:02:41 EDT

The pamphlet is *attached*. / In solidarity, Jerry

> Promissory Notes
>>From Crisis to Commons
> Midnight Notes Collective and Friends
> "Crisis: What it is, What it is not
> After five hundred years of existence, capitalists are once again
> announcing to us that their system is in crisis. They are urging everyone
> to make sacrifices to save its life. We are told that if we do not make
> these sacrifices, we together face the prospect of a mutual shipwreck.
> Such threats should be taken seriously. Already in every part of the
> planet, workers are paying the price of the crisis in retrenchment, mass
> unemployment, lost pensions, foreclosures, and death." 16-page pamphlet,

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