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The Sunday Times UK Rich List (25 April 2009) list shows that Britain's
1,000 richest individuals are worth 258.27 billion pounds, compared with
nearly 413 billion pounds last year, a 37 per cent fall and the biggest drop
in the Rich List's 21-year history. The number of billionaires in Britain
has also plummeted to 43, down from 75 last year, with the bottom line for
inclusion on to the Rich List falling this year to 55 million pounds. In
2008 it stood at 80 million pounds. "I am beyond being surprised, except by
the scale of the devastation," said Philip Beresford, who compiled the list.
"It is extraordinary how people have seen their fortunes being whittled
away. It is devastation all round. "But losing a few zeros off your
theoretical fortune is nothing (compared) to being turfed out of your home
or your job."
The full list will be published on Tuesday at http://www.timesonline.co.uk
Economists have calculated that public spending in Britain is set to rise to
more than 50% of GDP, more than when the Labour government had to be bailed
out by the International Monetary Fund in the 1970s. Analysis of the small
print of the budget also revealed that the government will need to find an
extra 1.1 billion to pay the pensions of retired civil servants and other
state workers over the next two years. The cost of providing such final
salary schemes will have doubled to 4.6 billion by 2011 in just three

The top 31 in the UK Sunday Times Rich List for 2009:

1. Lakshmi Mittal and family. Steel. worth 10,800m pounds (Down 16.9 billion

2. Roman Abramovich. Oil and industry. 7,000m pounds (Down 4.7 billion

3. The Duke of Westminster. Property. 6,500m pounds (Down 500m pounds)

4. Ernesto and Kirsty Bertarelli. Pharmaceuticals. 5,000m pounds (Down 650m

5. Hans Rausing and family. Packaging. 4,000m pounds (Down 1.4 billion

6. Sir Philip and Lady Green. Retailing. 3,830m pounds (Down 500m pounds)

7. Charlene and Michel Carvalho. Inheritance, brewing, and banking. 2,960m
pounds (Down 670m pounds)

8. Sammy and Eyal Ofer. Shipping and Property. 2,677m (Down 659m)

9. =John Fredriksen. Shipping. 2,500m pounds (Down 2.15 billion pounds)

9. =Joe Lewis. Foreign exchange and investment. 2,500m pounds (Down 300m

9. =Kirsten and Jorn Rausing. Inheritance and investment. 2,500m pounds
(Down 1 billion pounds)

9. =David and Simon Reuben. Property. 2,500m pounds (Down 1.8 billion

13. Sean Quinn and family. Property and Insurance. 2,295m (Down 1.435
billion pounds)

14. Earl Cadogan and family. Property. 2,000m pounds (Down 930m pounds)

15. Alan Parker. Duty - free shopping. 1,800m pounds (Down 286m)

16. Sir Ken Morrison and family. Supermarkets. 1,610m pounds (Up 160m

17. Roddie Fleming and family. Finance. 1,550m pounds (Down 350m pounds)

18. = Mahdi al-Tajir. Metals, oil and water. 1,500m pounds (Down 700m

18. = Nicky Oppenheimer. Diamonds and mining. 1,500m pounds (Down 1.37
billion pounds)

18. = Mark Pears and family. Property. 1,500m pounds

18. = Alisher Usmanov. Steel and mines. 1,500m pounds (Down 4.226 billion

18. = Poju Zabludowicz. Property and hotels. 1,500m pounds (Down 500m

18. = Eddie and Sol Zakay. Property. 1,500m pounds

24. = Bernie Ecclestone. Motor Racing. 1,466m (Down 934m)

25. = John Caudwell. Mobile Phones. 1,400m pounds (Down 200m pounds)

25. = Ian and Richard Livingstone. Property. 1,400m pounds (Down 480m

27. Eddie and Malcolm Healey. Property and kitchens. 1,350m pounds (Down
550m pounds)

28. = Clive Calder. Music. 1,300m pounds.

28. = Sir Adrian and Sir John Swire and family. Transport, property, trade.
1,300m pounds (Down 300m pounds)

28. = John Whittaker. Property. 1,300m pounds (Down 200m pounds)

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