RE: [OPE] Consumption & law of value

Date: Sun Apr 19 2009 - 06:33:53 EDT

> China has simply become a capitalist dictatorship).
Yes, the former market socialist economies are
*now* capitalist economies - btw, I wouldn't credit that,
exactly, to market socialism. But, China in 1989 at the time
of the Tiananmen Square massacre was a market
socialist economy. Was it what you thought market
socialism should be? Obviously not. Hungary in 1968,
under the New Economic Model, and other nations
adapting market socialist economic strategies were
also very far from being examples of the form of
democracy you favor.
But, really, Alejandro, you can't have it both ways:
when referring to alternative conceptions of
socialism - what you call 'centrally planned economies'
- you are referring to historical experiences rather
than theories. Yet, when referring to market
socialism you are referring to a theory rather than
historical experiences.
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