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Date: Sat Apr 18 2009 - 07:28:24 EDT

> I am not aware of an English translation of this
> piece - you could however try Google translate for a quick idea about the
> content. It's not especially profound or anything, just a warm appreciation of
> Jack London's achievement.

Yes, I guess you're right: a precise translation isn't required to get the
gist of it.
Mattick, I guess, like many other European Marxist theoreticians and
scholars of his time, had a wider range of intellectual interest than
many Marxist scholars today. I suspect that this was due to at least a couple
of factors: (1) he (like most, but not all, of the prominent European
socialist intellectuals) was not an academic by profession with all
of the rigid lines of demarcation between different departments and
professions; and (2) he was influenced, not only by the political,
but also by the social and cultural, life of the political parties he
belonged to. I guess, therefore, his interest in Jack London (a socialist
himself, but a tragic figure in ways) should come as no surprise.
Maybe I'm exaggerating, though: there are many members of OPE-L who
are academics who have interests in matters other than politics and
economics - and the time to pursue those interests. We could probably
put together a OPE-L musical band, for instance ....
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