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Date: Fri Apr 10 2009 - 04:40:49 EDT

Hello Perelman. I read you paper, and the Marxian idea of ‘reproduction costs’ as a proper regulator for ‘originary factors of production’ is basically limited to the political idea of de-commodifying these factors, which finds its counterpart in mixed economies without necessarily blowing market prices away for the allocation of non-primary goods.   The case of 'passenger pigeon' and others that you cited as evidence of the limits of market to ration originary factors is right, but could find an explanation in the subjective theory of value itself. Besides, market as a rationing mechanism could be enhanced if we take an heterodox perspective inspired by market socialists. An outstanding example is the European Carbon Emission Trading Market.   Besides, you underrate the limits of labor to ration originary factors without much discussion. The observation of Samuelson and particularly Mises on this respect is not negligible.  A. Agafonow ________________________________ De: michael perelman <> Para: Enviado: viernes, 10 de abril, 2009 3:19:04 Asunto: [OPE] An Ecological Future: Marx and Wu Wei I have just written a paper that I will be presenting in China about the relevance of Marx for an ecological future. I posted it here: Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you very much. -- Michael Perelman Economics Department California State University Chico, CA 95929 530 898 5321 fax 530 898 5901 _______________________________________________ ope mailing list

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