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Date: Wed Apr 08 2009 - 15:49:46 EDT

> Get real Gerry, we are talking the early 60s here.




Paul C:


Rachel Carson's _Silent Spring_ was published in 1962 and, almost

immediately, translated into other languages, including Spanish.

Much of the information reported on by Carson was known to the

scientific community by the mid-50s.

> A the time DDT and pyrethrins were the only effective public health

> measure against Malaria in the tropics, the worlds biggest killer disease.



Effective at killing mosquitoes and what else? This was a classic example of

a for-profit substance being rushed into production by the chemical industry

(and the state) without considering the long-term impact on the environment

or public health.


To the extent that DDT was also part of the Green Revolution, it also caused

tremendous and long-term suffering in Southern Asia and other



In solidarity, Jerry

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