RE: [OPE] Quotations from karl Marx

Date: Sat Apr 04 2009 - 13:49:32 EDT

> I think it would mainly be of interest to teenagers and late school
> children who have heard of Marx, may be a bit rebellious but would
> balk at buying a big book like Capital or even the communist manifesto.

Hi Paul C:
Well, if that's the target audience, then I think you're better off
thinking about some free online publication.
Here's something just off the top of my head: create a web site with
separate pages on different aspects of Marx's social theory. Each
page could contain a few quotations along with links to the
original sources as well as a link to a relevant secondary source or
two, for instance, a short historical article or a 'youtube' video.
If you wanted to make it look more graphically appealing a more
ambitious undertaking might be to have art created and posted on
each page expressly for a particular quotation. I know some radical
artists who might be willing to contribute to such an effort.
In solidarity, Jerry_______________________________________________
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