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From: Ian Wright <>
Date: Wed Apr 01 2009 - 12:36:32 EDT


Your recent posts unfortunately demonstrate, once again, a basic lack
of understanding of Marx's theory of value. I don't say this to be
rude or dismissive, but as friendly advice. You will be more effective
in convincing others of the value of your ideas if you first
understand the ideas that you are arguing against. Currently your
critiques are arrows that miss their target. You are not arguing
against the LTV but a straw-man vulgarization of it you have no doubt
picked up from somewhere.

The classical labor theory of value, which Marx inherited from Smith,
Ricardo and other authors, is entirely compatible with the fact that
consumers have preferences, that demand changes etc. On the
relationship between social demand and labor-values a perfectly good
place to start is Rubin's "Essays on Marx's Theory of Value", see
especially Ch. 17 on "Value and Social Need":
The whole book is essential reading for anyone who wishes to
understand Marx's theory of value.

Rubin, a committed Bolshevik, was murdered by Stalin, along with
countless other communists in the 30's.

Best wishes,
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