RE: [OPE] peanut butter value-form theory

Date: Tue Mar 31 2009 - 21:00:42 EDT

> A point about use-value. Do dodgy crackers have no use-value because
> they can't be sold or is that they can't be sold because they have no
> use-value?
Hi Phil:
The latter. If there is no use-value, there can be no value and
hence no exchange value.

> I use the term use-value as indicating an item, in a sense quite neutral
> in regard to usefulness. The difference between a contaminated cracker
> and a wholesome one has no bearing on value theory.
The difference between a product which has no usefulness and a
commodity which has use-value does have great bearing on value theory.
In some ways, I think the term 'value theory' is misleading, though.
A more appropriate expression would be 'commodity theory' since
use-value, value, exchange value, and money all form constituent
elements of the commodity. Value is a concept which derives from the
nature of commodities, not vice versa.
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