Re: [OPE] peanut butter value-form theory

From: Philip Dunn <>
Date: Tue Mar 31 2009 - 20:47:14 EDT

Hi Jerry

A point about use-value. Do dodgy crackers have no use-value because
they can't be sold or is that they can't be sold because they have no

I am not at all sure we have agreement here.

I use the term use-value as indicating an item, in a sense quite neutral
in regard to usefulness. The difference between a contaminated cracker
and a wholesome one has no bearing on value theory. Use-value is merely
a substratum which may or may not be formed as a Value, a commodity.

Consequently, when you say unsold bad crackers have no use-value I

On Sat, 2009-03-28 at 13:50 -0400, Gerald Levy wrote:
> > Jerry, if the contamination crackers was not detected and any ill
> > effects suffered by consumers were not blamed on the crackers - no
> > recall, no refund, I would say everything is normal from the value and
> > use-value point of view. In such circumstances, the crackers are the
> > material bearer of value, constant capital is transferred, and labour
> > value is added.
> Phil: Agreed. | In solidarity, Jerry

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