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Dear All,
the website of our conference on Adam Smith and political economy has been undated. I think it is worthwhile checking it: www.asconit.org.
Our call for papers is below. Please circulate widely.

        Call for Papers

We start our series of annual
international political economy conferences with a conference on Adam Smith. We
start with Smith because he is regarded as the founder of modern political
economy. With his classical work An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the
Wealth of Nations he established an internationally recognized major
discipline in 18th century. Today, there is hardly any university throughout the
world, which does not have an economy department.


One other reason for starting with
Smith is the 250th anniversary of the publication of his classical work The
Theory of Moral Sentiments (1759). The anniversary is being celebrated with
various events throughout the world. The Theory of Moral Sentiments is
Smith's first work which, along with his Essays on Philosophical Subjects,
served as the philosophical foundation for his later works.

The conference aims to explore various
aspects of Smith's work, in particular the relationship between his two major
works and what these works mean for our time. Papers to be presented at the
conference may relate to following areas:


    The impact of his two works, An
    Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations and The
    Theory of Mor
al Sentiments on today’s local and global economic issues;


    Intellectual sources, context and
    legacy of Adam Smith;


    The typology of ethics in The
    Theory of Moral Sentiments;


    Adam Smith's philosophical work
    and political economy;


    Adam Smith and international


    Adam Smith and his relation with
    other classical political economists;


    The relevance of The Wealth of
    Nations for contemporary issues;


    The foundation of a lasting
    economy based on the philosophy of Adam Smith, ethical and political issues;


    Global financial crisis and
    challenges to political economy in terms of the philosophy of Adam Smith,
    its relevance for global economy and developing countries.

These are some of
the topics we would like to explore relevant to Adam Smith. Topics related to
any aspects of Smith’s works, relationship between them, their meaning for our
time, their significance for the following philosophers and political economists
and other topics within the context of political economy should enrich the
conference and expand the given framework for discussion. The language of the
conference will be both Turkish and English.


The papers presented at the Conference
will be published in English and Turkish in Adam Smith Review and Turkish
Journal of Political Economy: "Ekonomi Politi
k". Session suggestions and
abstracts could send to

info@asconit.org with writer(s)’ cv by 15th of June

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