Re: [OPE] Eric Duran arrested after spreading a new magazine on the crisis

From: Gerald Levy <>
Date: Sun Mar 29 2009 - 10:46:38 EDT

Via Antonio Pagliarone. More details on this situation.
In solidarity, Jerry

> Eric Duran swindled 492K euros as a way of drawing attention to the
> banking system.
> The Catalan police arrested the Robin Hood of Banking the day after his
> reappearace.
> La Haine
> The Catalan "police squad" detained activist ED who reappeared six months
> after announcing publically that he had swindled 492K Euros from 39 banks
> in personal bank credits using a fake business address.
> According to the Catalan police the young activist was arrested at the
> U. of Barcelona by agents of the Robbery Division of the Criminal
> Investigation Department, accused of the crime of "ongoing fraud."
> ED reappeared publicle on Monday, six weeks after
> his surprising bank swindle, to announce that part of the money that he
> had taken had been put into a new newspaper with 220K copies in Catalan
> distributed throughout Catalonia and another 130K in Spanish distributed
> througout Spain, reaching more than 400 localities and proposing a
> "post-capitalist action plan" to overcome the economic crisis.
> Ed said that he had decided to return voluntarily from exile
> so that the police would not arrest him first.
> The youth said
> yesterday that only 4 banks had brought charges and that the judge in the
> case had tabled all the charges brought against him in spite of the fact
> that, according to police, there were 18 financial organizations that had
> brought charges with respect to ED's failure to make payments.
> In a newspaper article written by ED himself, ED made the following
> point clearly: " I did not return either to face charges nor to
> escape charges. They can put me on trial or not, it's not important. What
> is important is that our future is in danger. If I have returned it is
> because this is the best way that I know to contribue to collective
> action, and because this is the place that I understand best."
> The "collective" has named the 30th of June as the date
> that "governments" should respond to its "proposal of a
> real transition" towards a new economic model. If this does not
> happen by the 17th of September, "the collective" will urge the
> people to "abandon their ties to the capitalist system": for
> example, by taking all their money out of their bank accounts, by ceasing
> to make their mortgage payments, or their rent.
> more on
> http://polaris.moviments. net:8000/

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