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> Nove used the term feasible in a general sense. It’s just that the
> only kind of socialism feasible at the time of publication of Nove’s
> book was market socialism.

Than depends on how you understand "feasible": you can accept Nove's
understanding of that or specify its meaning in other ways. Nove, along
with Kornai, were sharply critical of the actual historical experiences
of market socialism. They advised critiques not only of "centrally
planned economies" but also of actually existing market socialism.
In this sense, they advanced probably the most articulate and
critical pro-market socialism perspectives.
Just as we have seen a transition from market socialism to capitalism
in many countries, we have also seen a transition of many of the
market socialists to pro-capitalist perspectives. It's not hard to
understand why.
Unfortunately, many of the market socialist arguments are tied to
neo-neo-classical economic theory, especially welfare economics,
and related concepts, such as the ideology of consumer sovereignty.
So long as they adorn themselves with that theoretical perspective,
they will find favor among some mainstream economists and disfavor
among heterodox economists, imo. But, can the theory of market
socialism be rebuilt so that it doesn't rest on neo-neo-classical
foundations? I doubt it. Of course there are other issues as well:
for example, some market socialists champion an essentially liberal
perspective on democracy and the state: rather than representing a
step forward in understanding, it is a huge step backwards to
early 19th Century (and before) thought and shows an inability to
integrate historical and class analysis into discourse on these
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