Re: [OPE] Enric Duran arrested after spreading a new magazine on the crisis

From: Alejandro Agafonow <>
Date: Wed Mar 18 2009 - 15:54:45 EDT

I’m not sure if this comparison is adequate here Jerry.   For example, if A kills a member of B’s family, it could be morally justified that B takes the life of A or someone of his family in exchange. If this happens A and B will be arrested. Is it immoral to imprison B?   Of course, our positions are biased by our valuation of liberal “political” institutions. Let me suggest this alternative. In a Cottrellian-Cockshottian socialism, would be immoral to imprison an anarchist because he managed to highjack the system creating a false account of labour-tokens which time he never performed?   There is a moral theory of civil disobedience that requires a distinction between morality and legality, and a stoical acceptance of legal consequences if you are a conscientious objector. Why do we have to accept that militants bypass coherent ethical positions?   Regards,A. Agafonow ________________________________ De: Gerald Levy <> Para: Outline on Political Economy mailing list <> Enviado: miércoles, 18 de marzo, 2009 19:24:37 Asunto: Re: [OPE] Enric Duran arrested after spreading a new magazine on the crisis > He was arrested because of the swindle of 492,000 euros. > This action is morally justified, but it is also legally considered an offence or crime. Hi Alejandro: Well, I'm not convinced he actually did it. In this country it's very common for someone to admit that s/he  did something 'criminal' without actually having done it. Confessing to a crime that one didn't commit might be simply a way of gaining publicity: a kind of shouting out against the crisis and those who are responsible for it. In any event, if it's morally justified, then it can be an 'offence' only if the system and its laws are *immoral*. Thus, there were laws which defined and established racial segregation in this country. Those civil rights activists who knowingly non-violently broke those laws were *entirely* morally justified because the laws themselves, and those who defended and perpetuated that  immoral legal and social system, were immoral. In solidarity, Jerry _______________________________________________ ope mailing list

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