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Date: Tue Mar 17 2009 - 11:20:25 EDT

The Darko Suvin article you put us on to is the secondary source that specifies 5 difficulties -- couldn't have done without it!
Clearly the difference in the summaries is one of translation -- so now we need to track the german . . . that must be online.  I like the Bloch version better, but it seems clumsier English than need be.
Howard Engelskirchen

Mar 17, 2009 07:26:13 AM, wrote:

> The quote is actually from Brecht's 1935 essay, Writing Truth: 5 difficulties.

Hi Howard:

The first sentence in the "Summary" on page 7 is very similar, but
not quite the same. I guess it's a matter of a somewhat different
translation. The source you just gave, btw, appears as an appendix
in the Eric Bentley ed. version of _Galileo_, the play by Brecht.

Perhaps the lesson of the thread should be 'don't rely exclusively
on secondary sources if one wants to write the truth'? My mistake.

In solidarity, Jerry_______________________________________________
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