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Date: Sun Mar 15 2009 - 18:08:43 EDT

>> there is a dialectical unity between the processes of capitalist
>> production and capitalist circulation
> And what precisely is a 'dialectical unity'? Is that a unity that
> "separates different levels of
> abstraction and shows their inter-relationship"?

In this particular case, there is the subject of capital in
general which forms a 'moment' in the larger analysis of capitalism.
Capital in general includes the process of capitalist production,
the process of capitalist circulation and capitalist production
as a whole. The latter could be seen as a dialectical unity of the
first two processes. Other levels of abstraction in the analysis
of the larger subject matter (capitalism) include classes (considered
not simply as simple unity, but as diversity, and then
unity-in-diversity), the state, foreign trade, and the world market.
The point I was trying to make is that in the transition from one level of
abstraction to another one has to show how the more concrete
subject is related to the more abstract topics. It's, of
course, more complicated that this - I'm simplifying because
I gather you want a simple answer. I have, therefore, not given
a more Hegelian answer as those who are advocates of systematic
dialectics and VFT might.
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