[OPE] The fall in market capitalization of publicly listed companies in the world economy, Jan. 2008 - Jan. 2009

From: Jurriaan Bendien <adsl675281@tiscali.nl>
Date: Sat Mar 14 2009 - 11:55:01 EDT

Below is a World Federation of Exchange list of the jan2008-Jan2009 percentage changes in domestic market capitalisation, estimated on a USD basis. ( http://www.world-exchanges.org/statistics ) If you average out the figures, either as weighted average or simple average, a 40 to 45% drop in stock valuation is a credible estimate of the worldwide loss in capital value, i.e. a gigantic devaluation of share capital. This simultaneously hits corporate profits, and the ability to raise investment capital, and indeed the available data indicate a drastic reduction of profit and of investment in means of production, as well as rapidly rising unemployment and devaluation of assets. Of course, publicly listed companies are not the only companies there are, there are also private companies not listed on the stock exchange, and state enterprises. But to the extent that aggregate demand very rapidly shrinks, all non-listed companies also tend to be devalued since their expected earnings also decline sharply.

Bermuda SE -32.5%
Buenos Aires SE -29.1%
Colombia SE -14.8%
Lima SE -38.0%
Mexican Exchange -48.6%
Nasdaq -40.5%
NYSE Group -35.9%
Santiago SE -31.5%
TSX Group -50.9%
Australian SE -49.3%
Bombay SE -58.4%
Bursa Malaysia -42.5%
Colombo SE -29.2%
Hong Kong Exchanges -43.9%
Indonesia SE -54.9%
Jasdaq -21.9%
Korea Exchange -50.9%
National Stock Exchange India -57.4%
New Zealand Exchange -52.2%
Osaka SE -26.2%
Philippine SE -44.3%
Shanghai SE -50.3%
Shenzhen SE -46.7%
Singapore Exchange -45.6%
Taiwan SE Corp. -45.8%
The Stock Exchange of Thailand -46.1%
Tokyo SE -29.2%
Amman SE -19.7%
Athens Exchange -64.6%
BME Spanish Exchanges -45.8%
Borsa Italiana -52.4%
Budapest SE -65.0%
Cyprus SE -52.1%
Deutsche Börse -49.6%
Egyptian Exchange -46.8%
Euronext -50.0%
Irish SE -67.7%
Istanbul SE -51.8%
Johannesburg SE -39.9%
Ljubljana SE -58.5%
London SE -49.0%
Luxembourg SE -57.5%
Malta SE -42.2%
Mauritius SE -47.0%
OMX Nordic Exchange -54.9%
Oslo Bĝrs -55.0%
Swiss Exchange -37.0%
Tehran SE -3.1%
Tel Aviv SE -41.4%
Warsaw SE -60.8%
Wiener Börse -66.8%

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