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From: GERALD LEVY <gerald_a_levy@msn.com>
Date: Tue Mar 10 2009 - 08:20:02 EDT

Dirk Damsma, a (relatively) young economist from the Netherlands, has

joined our list. He currently is teaching philosophy and academic skills

at the 'New Business School', a private university in Amsterdam.


He is also a student (and was a teaching assistant) at the University of

Amsterdam where he took heterodox economics courses, including those

taught be (OPE-Ler) Geert R. . His PhD thesis 'on the articulation of systematic

dialectics and mathematics' (working title) is 2/3 completed.


He describes the thesis in the following:



I first described Hegel's systematic dialectical determination of mathematical

concepts and how this reflects on the nature of the mathematical and have

just about finished a chapter on Marx's opinions on the mathematical, his

systematic dialectics and the way he could have (and maybe intended to)

combine the two in his 'schemes of reproduction'. It turns out, that many of

the assumptions that Marx really requires at that stage can also be defended

dialectically. Hence, systematic dialectics could shed light on the order in

which heuristic assumptions can be dropped so as to move the model from

the abstract and general to the concrete and complex along with the systematic

dialectical development. At the same time modeling some of the systematic

dialectical stages will bring the (mathematically) necessary - but at that

level of abstraction unfulfilled - conditions to the fore. It is this insight that I

want to apply to more modern marxist models to see whether framing them

this way will improve them (or at least shed new light on them). So it turns

out that a more apt working title perhaps would be: 'on the articulation of

systematic dialectics and model building'.



Additional information on Dirk, including working papers and his CV, can be

found at: http://www1.fee.uva.nl/pp/personalpage.asp?personid=96&page=pd


Dirk: welcome aboard!


In solidarity, Jerry

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