RE: [OPE] Abstract Labor (a note for Dave Zachariah)

Date: Fri Mar 06 2009 - 03:43:27 EST

> And I do succeed in stirring up a discussion.
Do you think so? Well, sometimes you do. More often, you don't.
You might want to ask yourself why that's the case. It's my belief
that, for many members, if they feel that their perspectives are being
unfairly attacked (by which I mean, they feel that what is being attacked
bears little resemblance to their own perspectives), then they just
abstain from the discussion. You've been going on about Althusserian
and value-form perspectives for some years, for instance, but the
occasions when the (many) advocates of those perspectives who
are on the list have replied have been few and far between, imo.
In solidarity, Jerry

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