Re: [OPE] Abstract Labor (a note for Dave Zachariah)

From: Philip Dunn <>
Date: Thu Mar 05 2009 - 16:25:13 EST

On Thu, 2009-03-05 at 19:59 +0100, Jurriaan Bendien wrote:
> There is not a shred of historical evidence that it was the state
> which originally invented money, and an enormous amount of historical
> evidence that money-tokens of various kinds existed before the state
> assumed the power to issue currency. That is, the state only aimed to
> regulate and stimulate trading processes which existed already, as
> well as profit from them.

Why does it matter who invented money? Are you suggesting that there is
an essentialism of origins here? Some transhistorical virtue that money
always possesses?

Is it so difficult to accept that capitalist money is different in
essence from preceding money systems?

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