RE: [OPE] Abstract Labor (a note for Dave Zachariah)

Date: Thu Mar 05 2009 - 14:19:41 EST

> There is not a shred of historical evidence that it was the state which originally invented money, [...]
> [...] it takes only a day of focused research to make total mincemeat of the PostKeynesian
> explanation about the origin of money.
> The PostKeynesians do not offer any proof that originally the state invented money. Why? Because
> there is no evidence, and the proof is impossible.
You do not help your argument, or convince anyone, anywhere, with claims like the above.
> arrrogant Marxists who claim that Smith, Ricardo and Keynes got it right all along. They don't know
> what they are talking about, they haven't studied the literature and they haven't studied the economic
> history.
Have you ever considered that you might come off at times as arrogant to those who read your posts?
In solidarity, Jerry

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