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Michael L sent me this. / In solidarity, Jerry

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Subject: MR [February] supplement for
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    At the risk of catcalls for apparent self-promotion, let me
your attention to the Special Supplement from the February
issue of
Monthly Review, 'The Road to Human Development: Capitalism
Socialism?'. It's an English-language version of a 10 x12 cm
published in Venezuela for ideological formation, online now
<http://www.monthlyreview.org/090223lebowitz.php> ] and
downloadable for
anyone or group which wishes to use it for
organising purposes [or
target practice]. There are several plans
for this already [including
translations underway].
sample of the text, which may be of interest to listmembers, follows.
             in solidarity,

And, that is exactly what capitalist crisis makes it possible to see
clearly about the nature of capitalism: /profits--- rather than the
needs of people as socially developed human beings--- determine the
nature and extent of production within capitalism/. What other economic

system can you imagine that could generate the simultaneous
existence of
unused resources, unemployed people, and people with
unmet needs for
what could be produced? What other economic system
would allow people to
starve in one part of the world while
elsewhere there is an abundance of
food and where the complaint is
'too much food is being produced'?

71. But no crisis
/necessarily/ leads people to question the system
itself. People
struggle against specific aspects of capitalism--- over
the workday,
the level of wages and working conditions, the unemployment
about by a crisis of overaccumulation, capital's destruction of
environment, over destruction of national cultures and sovereignty,
etc.,--- but unless they understand the nature of the system, they
struggle merely for a /nicer/ capitalism, a capitalism with a human

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