Re: [OPE] Venezuela is the most democratic country in Latin America

From: Gerald Levy <>
Date: Wed Feb 25 2009 - 14:26:49 EST

> Well, those regimes that you call socialists Jerry, are not socialists at all.

Alejandro A:

I never said that there is socialism in Venezuela.
Socialism is a mode of production, not a 'regime'. The revolutionary transformation
of Venezuela from capitalism to socialism has not yet happened.

> Once Chávez is defeated, through democratic or undemocratic means, you will not be
> entitled to demand respect from your opponents.

How naive you sound: do you really think that if the anti-Chavez forces take over, that _any_
amount of appeals for "respect" will make an iota's worth of difference? ! NO !, they would show
the Bolivarians the same "respect" that Pinochet showed the supporters of the Unidad Popular
government. (NB: Of course, this historical analogy doesn't stop there since Pinochet was and the
"opposition" in Venezuela is a puppet for US imperialism. It's also worthwhile to recall how
democratic Chile _was_ before Pinochet and under the UP government. You might not be
old enough to recall Allende's "peaceful road to socialism". Look what happened to them
along the peaceful road! A stadium - and a country - drenched in blood! It is the historical
experience of Chile - and other countries - that makes arming of the working people in
Venezuela a necessity. In your quest for principles, you forget these historical experiences.)

Did you watch the video I posted the link to the other day? It shows quite clearly the
violent, sadistic, and racist character of the "opposition" - an opposition which has shown
time and time again *in practice* that they are vicious enemies of democracy. If those people
take over - by whatever means - then they will assasinate all of their enemies, and take away
the new-found dignity and self-respect from the poor and working class of the country,
and return the elite to power. I have no doubt that - even as I write this - they are
hatching new anti-democratic plots and conspiracies.

In solidarity, Jerry

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