RE: [OPE] "Farewell Venezuela!"

Date: Mon Feb 16 2009 - 09:50:30 EST

Yes, Alejandro, it might just be "Farewell Venezuela!" for the anti-democratic,

right-wing elite and their masters in Washington, D.C. and Wall Street. Yes, it

is a very bad day indeed for the capitalist class of Venezuela - and the

international capitalist class - who can see the socialist writing on the wall.

How can they help but think that when they read the news of the election

that they are, perhaps, reading their own epitaph?


What will they do now? Perhaps they will leave Venezuela and form a "Little

Caracas" in the US just as the wealthy elite fled the people of Cuba

and created the gusano community in Miami? No. More likely, they - in collaboration

with the CIA - will continue their secret plots against the poor and working class

of Venezuela. They have already attempted a coup once and have shown by

their treachery that they are capable of anything ... reactionary. The people of

Venezuela must be vigilant against plots and assassination attempts!


The slogan of the day should be: *expropriate the expropriators!* But, this must

be done in such a way that the elite is not able to first smuggle their loot out

of the country.


Extending land reform, creation of more workers' councils, socializing resources

and wealth, international solidarity, and arming the poor to defend the nation

against another coup attempt are some of the next steps which should be carried

out to extend and defend the revolution. We, at least, can help with international



Out with the garbage! Say Farewell to the Old Venezuela! Welcome the new,

socialist Venezuela! Long live 21st Century Socialism!


In solidarity, Jerry

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