RE: [OPE] Venezuela is the most democratic country in Latin America

Date: Sun Feb 15 2009 - 08:24:58 EST

> I) Jerry: **The story that you asked about concerned protests by workers after over 7,000 workers were fired by Mayor Ledemza**
> Does this justify that armed supporters of Chávez took over city hall and three other vital government buildings? The run of the city
> council was virtually impossible.
Yes, Alejandro. It was entirely justified and I express my solidarity with
their struggles.
Your list below enshrines and elevates a VERY limited and contradictory
experience - the experience of BOURGEOIS democracy in the leading
imperialist power (USA) . This was not EVER *REAL* democracy!
This point was made to you previously.
Even in that limited context, it is wrong - on virtually very count.
> 1) Free elections.
Freer in Venezuela than in US.
>2) Party control of the candidate selection process.
Much freer in Venezuela.
> 4) Access to direct public resources.
Abuses in both countries.
> 5) Terms of executive office occupancy.
Not a relevant criteria. What is important is that *the people decide* - as they are
doing in Venezuela, rather than the 'founding fathers' in the US or the City
Council in NYC.
> 6) Presidential legislative power.
You haven't been following the news in the US in recent years, I gather.
> 7) Division of power.
> Severely questioned during Chávez government.
Yes. Severely questioned by those who supported the coup and thus are
bitter enemies of democracy.
> 8) Presidential partisan powers.
President Chavez is a partisan supporter of the working class and the poor;
Presidents Bush and Obama were and are partisan supporters of the ruling
class. All you have to do is look at the bailout of US banks to see proof of
> 9) Supreme audit agencies.
Almost completely corrupted in US. Look at how the Securities and Exchange
Commission acted in relation to a massive Ponzi scheme.

> 10) Ombudsman offices.
Like term limits, a relatively recent change in US. Very
contradictory experience in practice here. And often very
corrupted: e.g.civilian complaint review boards controlled by
the police.
>11) Press freedom.
Just as free in Venezuela, if not more.
>12) Violence against journalists.
Yes, there have been many progressive journalists who are on
the side of the Bolivarian Revolution who have been murdered
by 'opposition' forces.
I fear all of your information only comes from right-wing sources.
In solidarity, Jerry

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