Re: [OPE] Venezuela is the most democratic country in Latin America

From: Paula <>
Date: Fri Feb 13 2009 - 23:37:58 EST

" What the heck are you talking about? In recent years (under President Chavez), Venezuela has been probably the MOST democratic country in Latin America. It has CERTAINLY been FAR more democratic than the USA! The assaults on democratic rights in Venezuela that have occurred have been staged by the "opposition" (i.e. the OPPONENTS of democracy and the defenders of the elite and the oligarchy in the country, as well as the puppets of US imperialism)."

I'm talking about the proposal by Chavez to run for a third presidential term, an anti-democratic measure that has been supported by many on the left, and will be voted on this Sunday. If it passes, it will make Venezuela - in this respect - less democratic than the US.

Did anyone see this piece in yesterday's Washington Post?

Is this true? If it is, it's bad news; it suggests that Chavez is not only denying the people of Caracas their democratic rights, but also using public sector employment as a system of patronage that divides the working class and might eventually lead to civil war.

Chavez might be more democratic than his right-wing opponents, but that's beside the point. The same applies to Obama, Zapatero, Gordon Brown, and most other left-wing leaders in the world. Still we should not agree with their policies, if they are anti-democratic.

"What??? We should "thank imperialism" for the women's movement??? We should "thank imperialism"
for the extension of rights for working people? I suppose the Vietnamese and Cuban people should "thank
imperialism" as well? NO! We should not thank them for ANY of this! We should thank and celebrate the people who struggled for these rights and gains - often at great risk and suffering and even death - and who were opposed every step of the way by imperialism!"

By now you should know me well enough to understand what I mean and not pick unnecessary fights that waste everybody's time. I'm talking about imperialism as a historical period, where progress is indeed made by the people who struggle ... in conditions not of their own making.


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